Research objectives

Korea is being hollowed out of industry as other developed nations, facing a shift in manufacturing sector from domestic production base to low-cost facilities overseas. Automobile, home appliances and precision machinery manufacturers have required high value added products to handle environmental problems and price competition. Various components used for cars, home appliances, and precision machinery have been diversified (e.g., aluminum alloy) due to environment, safety problems, and so on. At this point, it is necessary to develop equipments with high productivity and precision as well as low-energy consumption. Flexible material supplying apparatus for complicated shapes also need to be developed as well.

Levellers, feeding devices, shuttle robots, and 3D transfer robots are core equipments to cope with technological demands in press production. Above all, levellers eliminate defects in deformed materials and provide flat and optimal materials for precise- press molding. Feeding devices match material-supply with the time of press-processing. These two devices are one of decisive factors of precision and productivity of pressed products.

Due to domestic economic variables, there are growing concerns over the downtrend in sales of existing equipments in our company, especially in the middle of crisis by “hollowing out of manufacturing industry”. Moreover, there are other problems such as shortage of labor, increased prime cost of components, and manufacturing costs. Finally, competition in global market requires business diversification, which makes us launch new businesses like service robots, eco-friendly components business, etc.

Necessity of research & development

Changing social and environmental circumstances in Korea
Fundamental changes in population structure
In terms of population structure, this implies the entrance into aging and neo matrilineal society. Due to rapid growth of elderly population, people tend to pursue a safe and comfortable life as well as the value of health. A whole generation tends to consider aging as illness not as a normal natural phenomenon. Due to this fact, people nowadays are paying a lot of attention on anti-aging products, preventive medical measures, exercise, rehabilitation, etc.

Neo matrilineal society has arrived due to women’s active efforts and participation in society, increasing demands of female labor, etc. It is predicted that strategic products aimed at women will be highly produced with a sensitive approach.

Social value orientation: quality of life
In the future, eco-friendly and comfortable life values are expected to be widespread. At the same time, people will admire ubiquitous life that is designed to provide intelligent and easy life with its technology.

In the field of consumer choice behavior, many scholars expect that there’s a shift in consumption values from possess-oriented values to experience-oriented values. Theme and cultural experience such as abstractive values will become more popular rather than specific-concrete products. In conclusion, there are growing demands of virtual experience, cultural convergence types of products, etc.

Changes in life environment
Robots and intelligent devices are major sources that people are paying attention to as an alternative to labor force in various fields. In the medical sector, accessories attached to human body or implanted microchips will provide regular and permanent healthcare by monitoring physical conditions. When emergencies occur, this technology will provide an immediate and proper remote medical treatment.

Changes in life style
Individualism brings a lot of new styles like customized housing, individualized rehabilitation program, fusion culture, etc.
Changes in global business environment
The rise of green IT
In the middle of economic crisis, Green IT has emerged as a major interest thanks to its capacity for economic growth and environment protection. IT, so-called an important axis of economic growth, has been developed as environmental Green IT targeting to carbon dioxide reduction and energy efficiency.

Green IT is expected to contribute to sustainable economic development and energy efficiency improvement in Korea.

Life cycle reduction
Internationally, the pace of its change tends to be accelerated.

KDM business promotion directions

It is required to solve the problems by finding and developing new items that can be applied to retained technologies in the company.


It is necessary to build a flexible system in order to handle market variables by focusing on technology innovations and shortening product development period.


Efficient management is required. The development of new fields is necessary to find smart and outstanding people.


Development of new products and business diversification are considered to be important factors to overcome a prolonged period of low growth in recent years.


It needs to develop unique and innovative items that are separated from other companies.


Valid patents must be retained.


New products must be developed by linking company’s available technologies with new ideas in a proper time.


Strong support from CEO is required for development.


Project leaders need to have a strong impetus for development.


Developers must actively and passionately participate in development.


In conclusion, as a family company, we must be concerned about welfare and the unprivileged.